Sunday, 11 November 2012

A short girly one today

Hi girls! (and I wrote 'girls' intentionally because I think this post will not be of any interest to guys unless they're hairdressers, or gay, or both).

A quick one today as I'm quite busy and nothing has really happened this week that is worth writing home about (not even a quick call!).

Plus, when you're broke, it makes it harder to have thrilling activities/buy nice clothes I could showcase.

I just wanted to talk about something most girls would understand: hair dilemna!

Recently, as I am on a budget, I tried to look for a cheap hairdresser. I wandered around Caledonian Road, remembering that I had seen loads of beauty and hair salons which did not seem costly. I entered this rather empty shop and asked how much I would have to pay for a haircut and a blowdry. They offered to do it for 25 pounds. In my head, the word 'BARGAIN' flashed. Well, I should have been more careful!
I ended up with a Rachel Green haircut!

The hairdresser layered my hair so much: I am sure that some that should have been the same length are not even layers. My friend Kathryn laughed and called it 'flickatastic'! I would describe it more as 'catastrophic'. The first layers start at cheek's length and go all around the head... I can't even get an even bob because it would look as if a flying saucer has landed at the top of my head.... This haircut is so dated: it's a blast from the past, back in the 90s.
You're all going to say: "but it will grow back".
Unfortunately, despite my regime of nourishing masks, argan or avocado oil treatment the whole night before I wash my hair, perfectil and heat protection styling products, my hair always tends to be extremely dried and frazzled because of the highlights.

My natural colour is too mousey and ashy to be luminous.

I've tried being a brunette too but I had to put on some much makeup and colour my eyebrows with a chocolate pencil not to look like a living dead.

I think I have 2 choices: either I wait for months and months for it to regrow without going to the hairdresser's (but knowing my hair, it will desperately need a trim within two months) or when the shortest layers have reached under my jaw, I will go for Scarlett Johansson's bob.

However, I might cry my eyes out for having such short hair...

If you guys could recommend me a stylist who's specialised in nice, natural and not too structured haircuts which can be easily styled and who is also not overpriced, I would be extremely grateful!

I love Jason Cocking at Lisa Shepherd, not far from Oxford Street, but I cannot afford his services regularly, especially in this austere period.

I also discovered a Scottish colourist at Dappa Hair Boutique in Chalk Farm who's created fantastic highlights for me, but when I went, it was with a Wahanda deal. I think I will struggle to pay for them afterwards. Hopefully, she's inserted three different shades in my locks and a couple are closer to my natural colour so I won't have to retouch the roots that often!

Before I wrap up this post, I wanted to ask you what you think of Ombre hair. Here, in London, it's been the ultimate craze for months (as well as rainbow hair). The thing is, I reckon your hair needs to have a particular texture (wavy, not frizzy, not too straight) for it to look pretty and I also don't like when the line between the natural hair and the lighter tips is too straight and too marked. It's all about subtlety and blending for me.
Here are the ladies who I think have the most beautiful ombre manes:

Jenna Ushkowitz from Glee
Lea Michele (from Glee too)
Shenae Grimes
Sarah Jessica Parker

Have you seen that L'Oreal has issued dyes specially for Ombre Hair?

                                Photo found on Real Ree's blog:
Please leave any of your remarks and recommendations in the comments.

Have a fantastic rest of the weekend everyone!


  1. J'ai vu que tu parlais cheveux, je me suis ruée sur ton article...Non, c'est juste qu'on est dimanche soir et que j'ai un peu de temps devant moi pour lire ton post. Désolée, j'ai survolé les derniers articles, nouveau travail, sorties, manque de temps :-(
    Pour revenir à ton dilemme, je comprends, je cherche une nouvelle tête (pour une nouvelle vie .). J'ai même un board spécial cheveux sur pinterest. Perso, je te conseillerais un carré long (un lob !!! ...Je suis nulle en anglais mais je connais les dernier terme fashion *la honte*)Pour les adresses, ce sera plus compliqué, de mon côté, je prospecte également, je préfère attendre et avoir un bon coiffeur. Enfin, le ombré hair, j'en ai trop vu, je trouve que ça fait mouton maintenant, ça vire vite bi-goût si c'est mal fait et ça crame les pointes, non ? Un joli blond bébé-je-viens-de-passer-deux-mois-au-soleil te scierait mieux. Ultime conseil, pour la pousse des cheveux, fais une cure de levure de bière :-)
    Ah, ce genre de discussion me manque avec mes amies. C'est mon côté intello-futile qui les déroute !

  2. Clarisse, nous pouvons parler de ce genre de choses quand tu le souhaites ;) Moi aussi, j'ai un petit côté intello-futile !
    Tu vas rire, j'ai justement acheté ce matin de la levure de bière ! Le truc, c'est que j'ai très peur que ça me fasse sortir des boutons. J'ai une amie qui avait fait une cure et comme la peau et le sang se clarifient, elle a eu une poussée d'acné. Tu en as souffert toi ?
    Moi aussi, j'ai un board spécial cheveux sur Pinterest. J'irais voir le tien! J'essaierai de te conseiller !

  3. Jamais eu de soucis avec la levure de bière. Mais, je la prends en paillette dans la nourriture pas en gélule. Au pire, tu te fais une cure de zinc en même temps, c'est bon pour la peau. J'ai vu ton board, elles ont des cheveux de ouf. De mon côté, j'ai laissé tomber les cheveux longs (-25 cm), c'est trop d'entretien au quotidien et ça m'affadit :-( Tu vas devoir prendre ton mal en patience...