Saturday, 13 October 2012

My essential skincare

Today, I have decided to write about my favourite brand of skincare. French women have this little beauty secret called AR457. AR457 is the fruit of a Bordeaux-based company, La Maison de l'Argan. My home region is the birthplace of a few skincare brands, banking on vinotherapy, but La Maison de l'Argan have decided to use Argan oil at the core of their products. They work in partnership with a Moroccan cooperative which produce the precious oil on its original soil. AR457 has a sister called Katima'A, which also revolves around Argan oil, but these products are a bit too rich for my combination skin. I haven't tried every single item of AR457 range. I have never had the opportunity to apply their bodycare, but I have put to the test a few of their skincare products and I have stuck with four of them for my beauty routine.

1) Well - being Care Moisturiser [DWLB]

The creamy texture glides well on the skin and you can feel it being absorbed properly by the skin. When you touch your face afterwards, it feels replumped, completely hydrated. It is not taut at all, nor greasy. It perfectly suits my combination skin.

2) Long Lasting Eye Contour [Look]

Since I started using their very hydrating eye contour cream, I have noticed that the skin around my eye has become smoother and less crepey (I don't have wrinkles, but sometimes when I don't sleep well, I can notice that the skin under my eye is purpley and grainy). Puffiness and dark circles are kept at bay now, and my dehydration lines disappear as soon as I apply this product.

3) Elixir serum [LYF]

Something I particulary like about all AR457 products I have tried is the smell. No, I'm stopping you there. It doesn't smell of the typical Argan odour, that roasted nut aroma that I'm not a big fan of (or maybe in my salad ;)) For me, the predominent smell is that of linden. They might not have put any of that aroma in their skincare, but this is what it reminds me of. And it's like the Proust's madeleine for me. In my house back in France, I have spent all my summers in the shade of linden trees, and I absolutely adore that smell.
But this is not the only virtue of this serum. The texture glides easily on the skin, and as with the moisturiser, you can instantly see the skin getting plumped up and hydrated. It is a bit greasy since it is a rather rich oil, so you need to apply it only at night, but when you wake up, your skin is completely rested and like a peach. Karen Alder, a famous makeup artist, who's worked with Pixie Lott and Kylie, said that it's like ten hours' sleep in a bottle and recommends it to her clients.

Finally, I advise you to use the regenerating care moisturiser [ny-t] when you feel that your skin needs extra attention and hydration. Sometimes, in the winter, or when my skin has been a bit mistreated, I apply this moisturiser day and night for a couple of days and my pores thank me for it :) Dehydration lines get replenished; my skin gets his elasticity back.

I have been using all those products for a couple of years now. I'm thirty and I still don't have wrinkles as I mentioned before. I think that the anti-ageing, antioxidant and regenerative virtues of AR457 ingredients have really helped me prevent the appearance of the first signs of ageing.

In England, if you want to buy AR457, you can order the products from Lookfantastic:

I know it's available in a lot more countries (France, Italy, Greece, USA...) and if you want to have a look at their website, please do:

And now I'm off to my bathroom to get ready for a lovely day of friends, shopping and pampering (I will blog about it later). And of course, I will apply my AR457 products as a base for my makeup. I feel a CRAZY HORSE inspiration today, as I went to see the show yesterday. I might tell you about this experience very soon....


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